Southwest Integrative Medicine Reviews and Testimonials

Menopause Relief

Dr. Cline has been treating my menopause symptoms for over a year now with bio identical hormones and I have been extremely pleased. My hot flashes are gone and I am sleeping so much better. I feel like a new person. She is a confident, thorough, compassionate doctor.

~ Sandy

Magnificent team

These folks have the whole package, they know how to listen and feel. that alone is hard to find in a medical practitioner, coupled with the knowledge and desire to heal the whole system by getting to the root of the issue not just treating the symptoms, these are people whom I would trust my life to thanks Christi and Rob.

~ Josh

Truly Amazing Doctor…

I have known Dr. Christy Cline for 14 years, and throughout that time have witnessed her journey to become one of the most skilled, compassionate and committed Acupuncturists and Naturopathic Doctors in Arizona. Dr. Cline is the real deal and has all of the innate qualities, technical skills and experience to help patients to heal. With her guidance and support, I have regained my health and vitality! Thank you, Dr. Cline!

~ Deb

My good health

At my age, 63, my health is the most important thing to me. It used to be all kinds of things. Now I concentrate on good health. Southwest Int Med makes this possible. Right now I’m getting intravenous vitamin therapy, once a month, 1 hr. sessions. These help my immune system against flu and colds. This is just one example. But I’m sooooo glad to have this therapy and be well.

~ Sue

Feeling Healthy

You just have to see Drs. Cline and Terranella to learn what they can do for you. They have taught me to manage my health on a daily basis. For example, they’ve taught me what to eat with the help of a food allergy test. They’ve given me valuable lessons in exercise, and I get intravenous iv treatments monthly to fight flu and allergies. It’s easy because it feels good and they teach you how to grow into this way a living…a little at a time.

~ Anonymous

Dr. Cline gave me my life back

I got into a car accident in Dec 2005 which left me with a bad whiplash injury. I went to physical therapy for a couple of months then went on living my life. Now before the accident I was never sick, I didn’t even have a family Dr. because I never needed one! Over the three months after my accident I began having “sick spells”. Spells included dizziness, nausea, headaches, back pain, etc. They came and went but became chronic symptoms in April 2006. Really long story short, over then next two years I was on bed rest with crippling full body symptoms. Name a symptom, I had it. I was only 21 years old. I had to put college on hold, quit my job, and cope with these symptoms 24-7. I went to every specialist imaginable trying to find relief, but once they ran their tests and couldn’t help me they pretty much said “Good Luck”.

That nightmare ended when I saw Dr. Cline on the news talking about Southwest Integrative Medicine. I made an appointment and it truly saved my life. She was the first Dr. that I have met that truly listens to you and shows genuine concern for your health. She did an evaluation and we began my treatment on the first visit. My symptoms dramatically improved after the first week and they were almost completely gone after a month! A huge list of symptoms gone after a month. Amazing! I not only have my life back but I have learned how to live in a much more natural, healthy way.

I highly recommend Southwest Integrative Medicine to everyone I meet!

~ Monique

I am so pleased

I am so pleased with the medical treatment I have received from Dr. Cline and Dr. Terranella. Their diligent care has brought me to a level of excellent health within sensible boundaries that I can understand and maintain. They listen and we work together for optimal results. Thank you!

~ Cori


THE BEST CARING DOCTORS IN THE WORLD. There aren’t a lot left and Dr. T and Dr. C are the best. They do care about getting you healthy and even stubborn patients like myself they are patient with and that’s a feat in itself. I would highly recommend them to anyone and have!

~ Lisa

Completely Satisfied

I have been treated by Dr. Cline several times, for two different afflictions. She is a wonderful doctor, thorough in her examination, extremely knowledgeable, and very caring. She takes time to really understand your problem, and to explain the course of treatment she recommends. I have also been completely satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend Southwest Integrative Medicine.

~ Anonymous

Thank you Dr. Cline!

I have been under the care of Dr. Christy Cline since September, 2010, for the treatment of depression and lethargy. With little to no energy and cycles of mild to moderate depression, my anti-depression medication was not effective. I had been taking different medications (not at the same time) since 1996. With my anxiety level being high, and my depression appearing to worsen, my daughter recommended Dr. Cline. Fortunately, I listened to her!

I found Dr. Cline to be a wonderful and empathetic listener. This is only over-shadowed by her obvious skill as a Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist. I feel as if I am “coming alive” again after a long sleep!

My energy level is increasing, My memory has improved, My depression is almost gone, with occasional anxiety, and, Aches and Pains are less (most days).

Thank you Dr. Cline!

~ Linda